Diana & Teddy | Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral

Diana & Teddy-38

Congrats to Diana & Teddy! This was our last wedding of the year and this was the best way to close it out; Serbian style. There were multiple bands and musicians everywhere! This was a very musical wedding and it was an honor to be a part of it. Big shout outs to Luxe Creative for making the room look amazing, Shofilms for being awesome and getting some insane video footage, and Photos by Nick!


Diana & Teddy-1 Diana & Teddy-2 Diana & Teddy-3 Diana & Teddy-4 Diana & Teddy-5 Diana & Teddy-6 Diana & Teddy-7 Diana & Teddy-8 Diana & Teddy-9 Diana & Teddy-10 Diana & Teddy-11 Diana & Teddy-17 Diana & Teddy-20 Diana & Teddy-22 Diana & Teddy-28 Diana & Teddy-31 Diana & Teddy-33 Diana & Teddy-34 Diana & Teddy-35 Diana & Teddy-38

Corey & Troy | Wedding | Stonewall Resort, WV

Corey & Troy definitely know how to throw a good party! They got married at Stonewall Resort in West Virginia and everything was beyond perfect. Packed dance floor, awesome food, and even better people. Our bride, Corey, rapped some Notorious B.I.G. and that says it all for how awesome this wedding was. Congratulations!

Aire + Matt | Wedding | Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral

Aire + Matt-2

Amazingness happened this weekend at Aire + Matt’s wedding at Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral! Mike was actually in the wedding and made some guest appearances on stage and also.. rode an ice cream bike? Matt, our groom, sang “Blue Eyed Girl” and it was awesome. Such respect to you for that, takes a lot of guts! Congratulations and thanks for letting us be a part of your wedding day!
Aire + Matt-1 Aire + Matt-2 Aire + Matt-3 Aire + Matt-4 Aire + Matt-5 Aire + Matt-9 Aire + Matt-11 Aire + Matt-12 Aire + Matt-13 Aire + Matt-15

OCMD | End of Summer Tour | Purple Moose Saloon


This summer has been ultimate for TLG and our fans. The countless number of friends we’ve made and new rooms we’ve added to our tour is unbelievable! We just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who helps make this all happen. That being said, we have one last road trip to Ocean City, Maryland this weekend back to the Purple Moose Saloon. Let’s go all out and celebrate what an amazing summer 2015 was! We have plenty of amazing things lined up for this fall and winter including a whole tour on Beerfest all throughout the northeast. Stay tuned for more details and we’ll see everyone on the beach this weekend.


2015-05-18 12.06.59

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Purple Moose Saloon September 11th and 12th, 2015.

Purple Moose Saloon
On The Boardwalk Between Talbot & Caroline Streets
Ocean City, Maryland 21842

Jill & Brad Wedding | Gillbrook Farms | Warriors Mark

Jill + Brad-37

Congratulations to Jill & Brad! We knew this was going to be an amazing wedding when half the wedding party and guests are musicians. We provided full production of sound and lights and custom video slide shows for the father daughter and mother son dances. The dance floor didn’t stop all night and there were some guest appearances including the bride singing with us! Thanks again for having us on this unforgettable day!


Jill + Brad-1 Jill + Brad-3 Jill + Brad-4 Jill + Brad-10 Jill + Brad-12 Jill + Brad-14 Jill + Brad-17 Jill + Brad-20 Jill + Brad-22 10410433_1042527315766454_129502200530765790_n Jill + Brad-8 Jill + Brad-25 Jill + Brad-26 Jill + Brad-28 Jill + Brad-30 Jill + Brad-37 Jill + Brad-41 Jill + Brad-43 Jill + Brad-45 Jill + Brad-47 Jill + Brad-48 Jill + Brad-50 Jill + Brad-52 Jill + Brad-54 11935030_1043330539019465_6063292356386312278_n 11261435_1042921252393727_771275332098936680_n

Looney’s Pub | College Park, MD | Tonight!!


We’re about to hit the road this morning on our way to College Park, Maryland to make our debut at Looney’s Pub! Can’t wait to be back in Maryland! See you there!



College Park
8150 Baltimore Ave
College Park, Maryland 20740
Located directly across the street from Town Hall.

Jessica & Brandon | Wedding | Weirton


Congratulations to Jessica & Brandon on their wedding! We had the great honor to help make their day possible. We did everything from ceremony music to acoustic duo for cocktail hour, DJ, MC, uplighting, and live entertainment. We had a blast all day and on the dance floor with everyone. The Williams Country Club is amazing and beautiful and the staff is phenomenal. Congratulations again and thank you for letting us share your day with you!