Florida Bound

What an amazing time this weekend! Thank you all so much for coming out and seeing us! Huge thank you to the entire staff at Buckhead Saloon for taking care of us all weekend, Pat for helping us out with sound and stage and extra big shout out to Mike for recording us and IAmMikeDanger Productions for filming us, 2 nights in a row!

We head to Key West, Florida on Wednesday and we couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the week in Pittsburgh. 7 day stretch at Sloppy Joe’s Bar Key West

You can actually visit their website and watch us play live on the webcams! See you all later!


BEERFEST! Stage AE Night 2

We closed out the 2nd night of Pittsburgh Beer Fest with a bang! The rain didn’t stop the sold out crowd from having a good time! We had the honor to share the stage with These Lions and Family Friends on tour from Athens, Georgia. Definitely check these other great bands out! Thanks to Matt and the entire Beerfest crew for having us. Also, big thanks to Brian, Jamie, and Amanda at Stage AE for always taking care of us treating us like rock stars! Hands down the best venue and staff to work with in Pittsburgh.

Photos by Amanda Siemen


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Family and Friends

Photos by Frank Vilsack

Beerfest Night2-2 Beerfest Night2-7 Beerfest Night2-8 Beerfest Night2-10 Beerfest Night2-15 Beerfest Night2-17 Beerfest Night2-22 Beerfest Night2-24


These Lions

Photos by Frank Vilsack

Beerfest Night2-36
Beerfest Night2-39 Beerfest Night2-40 Beerfest Night2-41 Beerfest Night2-42 Beerfest Night2-43 Beerfest Night2-44 Beerfest Night2-45 Beerfest Night2-49
Beerfest Night2-57 Beerfest Night2-58


Last night was the first night of The Pittsburgh Beerfest at Stage AE. We played with Back Stabbing Good People and they killed it! It was so nice to hang out and drink a few beers while watching them play. The weather was perfect and the beer was flowing all night long. We have a quick video recap from last night for you for those who missed it! We’ll be back at it tonight with These Lions for a sold out event!


Photo Credit – Amanda Siemen

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Back Stabbing Good People – photo credit: Frank Vilsack

Back Stabbing Good People-1 Back Stabbing Good People-4 Back Stabbing Good People-6 Back Stabbing Good People-7 Back Stabbing Good People-8