Mike and Frank | Acoustic Duo | 10 Year Anniversary

The traditional 10 year anniversary gift is tin or Aluminum. Instead we threw a huge party at Celebrations and invited all of our friends to play on stage with us! Mike and Frank started an acoustic duo in 2005 and this past weekend marked 10 complete years playing together. We want to thank every person who came out and has supported since day 1. We have met a ton of friends and incredible people along the way and made memories that will last forever. Here is to another 10 years and more! Huge thanks to Daren, Brandon, Kurt, Dessa, Jeff, Aaron, and Kenny for playing on stage with us! If you happened to get any photos that night of us or you and friends having a good time we would love to see them!


Photo by Anthony Kozinko of Digital Noise Graphics

2015-06-07 02.06.17