Diana & Teddy | Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral

Congrats to Diana & Teddy! This was our last wedding of the year and this was the best way to close it out; Serbian style. There were multiple bands and musicians everywhere! This was a very musical wedding and it was an honor to be a part of it. Big shout outs to Luxe Creative for making the room look amazing, Shofilms for being awesome and getting some insane video footage, and Photos by Nick!


Diana & Teddy-1 Diana & Teddy-2 Diana & Teddy-3 Diana & Teddy-4 Diana & Teddy-5 Diana & Teddy-6 Diana & Teddy-7 Diana & Teddy-8 Diana & Teddy-9 Diana & Teddy-10 Diana & Teddy-11 Diana & Teddy-17 Diana & Teddy-20 Diana & Teddy-22 Diana & Teddy-28 Diana & Teddy-31 Diana & Teddy-33 Diana & Teddy-34 Diana & Teddy-35 Diana & Teddy-38


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  1. All I can say is thank you for helping making my daughters day the best ever.
    You guys were great.
    Being in a band myself, I wanted a band that really played the music, not click tracks like most other bands.
    Thanks Again

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