Yo, Adrian, We Did It! | Big Philly Beerfest

We spent the weekend in Philadelphia for the start of The Winter Beerfest Tour. Philly was so nice and we enjoyed every moment there from the food, to beer, and to all the people. We had some time to check out the city and we’ll be back soon in a few different rooms to hang with our new friends!

The next stop is this weekend (January 22 & 23) in Cleveland. See you there! Get your tickets here, http://www.clevelandbeerfest.com


2016-01-15 21.49.23 2016-01-14 10.46.15-12016-01-16 16.27.182016-01-16 15.18.512016-01-16 16.21.102016-01-16 16.21.382016-01-16 22.29.20-12016-01-15 18.42.35 BIG-PHILLY


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