Winter Beerfest Tour 2017

Winter Beerfest 2017 Tour is over and we want to share some stories! Last year we did the whole tour too so we knew what to prepare for and what to expect. 

There will be lots of beer and pizza. 

There will be some down time on Saturday afternoons. We wake up, eat breakfast and hit the town.

And sometimes we T-Rex

Soooooo many steps and walkways in every city.

Things get really weird in Columbus. We expect it and embrace it

The King himself

Best damn good looking stage hands to exist. ever.

After Cleveland we went home for 2 weeks and traveled to Wheeling, WV and Penn State for a few shows. On the way home someone rear ended us and smashed our trailer in. Cincinnati Beerfest is this week and it’s not looking good. Luckily all the gear was unharmed and we made a few phone calls and found a shop that would fix in a rush for us. During the week we had a major computer malfunction and we lost all of our music, sounds, and lighting cues. A couple sleepless nights and lots of programming we get somewhat back on track. We pick up our newly fixed trailer and hit the road and work diligently in the car getting the lighting cues back on track. Things are looking good.

On the way to Cincy we hear a load bang and realize we have a flat tire. No big deal, we’re prepared for this. We left early enough to arrive early and keep working on lighting and things that were deleted from the computer. We’ll throw the spare tire on and we’ll still be early, all good.

Forget the flat tire, the entire wheel is missing! Can’t find it anywhere. We look back a few hundred yards and we see smoke everywhere. We walk back along the highway assuming to find what is possibly a terrible car accident we may have caused from our wheel falling off. A little bit closer we realize there’s no accident but the highway is completely on fire and the fire department arrives to extinguish it.

We have no idea whats happening at this point, total confusion. All we know is everyone is safe, we need to be in Cincinnati ASAP, and we have no trailer. Long story short, we get a tow to a local trailer repair shop, rent a U-haul, and we’re on the road again, amazingly, still on time.

We arrive, we’re rushed, but we pulled it off.

Matt King, of one the creators of Beerfest, joins the stage

Pittsburgh, our hometown, the last stop on the tour. This is Glenn Fiddich.

Our trailer is still in the middle of Ohio getting repaired. Our computers are back up and running and the lighting is complete. It’s been a hell of ride and we cannot wait for Summer Beerfest. All work all play.

Touring in a band is no joke. There’s ups and downs, good days, bad days, and even sometimes terrible weeks. Luckily we are a tight knit of a crew and are surrounded by some pretty incredible people. All of the troubling times can be completely forgotten after a really good show with the best people on the Earth. Huge thanks to the entire Beerfest crew for having us and always showing us a good time. Thanks to Joe from Southern Tier for always filling up our cup. Thanks to Chuck, Dave, and Keven for all the hard work in running sound, building truss, and carrying all of our crap. Thanks to Chris Bowman and Mark Byron for your awesome camera skills. We couldn’t possibly fit every single person into this post so big thanks to everyone else we crossed paths with including all the other vendors, staff, and everyone who traveled to different cities to attend Beerfest and hang with us. Cheers!


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